Thank you! Thank you!

The flowers everyone send in were beautiful!  The children were adorable walking down the hall delivering flowers.  There is even decorated flower pot made by a student.  He used his fingerprints to make white daisies on the flower pot.  Too cute!  Thank you everyone!

Spelling Homework

One of our first graders is taking advantage of the warm weather!  Check out the creative (and green) way he is practicing his spelling words!!!!!!!!


We had a great time at the Market!!! Thank you to all our volunteers who made this trip possible!

 We shopped for needs and wants.

We ate and ate and ate!

 We went on a scavenger hunt.

 We had fun with friends!

We had a great time!

Helping Others...

 Today our two student council members described to the class about a sports equipment collection our school is having.  
The student council is collecting sports equipment to donate to Determined to Develop.  This non-profit organization was founded by a graduate of ALHS!  All sports equipment will be given to those less fortunate in Africa.  A blue flyer is coming home today.  GREAT JOB STUDENT COUNCIL!!!!

Singing and Cupcakes

The boys and girls did a great job singing today!  We even had two piano players from our room perform.  When we got back to the room we celebrated a birthday. We had a special guest reader --and her mom read too.  Thanks for the stories!

Spring Music Program

Here is a sneak peek of us practicing for the music program tomorrow.  Come and see us sing tomorrow Wednesday May 1st at 9:15a.m.  Looking forward to seeing you!!

Fact Families

It may not be warm, but it is sunny!  We took advantage of the sunny afternoon and decided to hold math class outside!  
Check out our Fact Families.  The students worked with a partner to find the 4 math facts that could be made from the Fact triangle.